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Hung in the Middle: A Journey of Gender Discovery is a memoir by Kentucky transgender Author, Alana Nicole Sholar, self published with this second release launched in 2015.

Alana Nicole Sholar is a storyteller in the rich tradition of the rural Midwest. She pulls no punches as she shares a very frank and honest portrayal of her bittersweet journey of struggle with gender identity, sexuality, self-acceptance, and love.

We each face life’s challenges. Although the challenges may differ, Alana’s story is a wonderfully uplifting and encouraging resource for anyone traveling their own personal journey of self-discovery — and we all see to discover ‘self.’

Hung in the Middle is so much more than just a story of gender discovery, which is powerful in and of itself. It is also one of those familiar—yet always irresistible—stories about falling in love with someone inaccessible, but never giving up.

You will not want this book to end.

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Reading your book may have saved my life.  It encouraged me, and gave me the courage to seek help.” – Karen.   Within a month of the release of Alana’s memoir she received this message.

A must read for helping professionals providing service for the GLBT community…This book offers an insider’s view on a world still greatly misunderstood…”  Christy Leaver, board member, KY Society of Clinical Social Workers.  A review left at Amazon.com

buck 2   “I loved the book and think it will help so many people struggling to become themselves.  Thanks to Alana’s bravery.”  says Buck Angel     (buckangelentertainment.com)